Matthew Gourlay

Matthew Gourlay

Matthew Gourlay handles criminal and regulatory matters at Henein Hutchison LLP with an emphasis on appellate litigation.

He can be reached by email.

Culture of delay is inexcusable

Most Canadians’ experience of the Peel Region is limited to Pearson International Airport, where frustrating delays are a fact of life — attributable, in large part, no doubt, to the unforgiving Canadian weather.

Barton is profoundly bad law

It’s said that bad facts make bad law. But this is true, I think, only if the courts fail in their duty to apply the law fairly and impartially when bad facts tempt them to distort the law unjustifiably in one party’s favour.

SCC took danger to heart in Groia

When the Supreme Court overturned the findings of professional misconduct against Joe Groia, the decision was warmly received by the criminal defence bar, which had taken it on as something of a collective cause.

Extradition law needs reconsideration

According to an old joke among lawyers, in an extradition case there is usually only one strategic decision to make — window or aisle. This is not too far from the truth.

What’s in store for the Supreme Court?

The fall term of the Supreme Court of Canada, which began Oct. 3 and continues through early December, will be Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin’s last. She officially retires Dec. 15.

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