Criminal lawyers wary of sharing contact tracing with law enforcement

CLA says data should only be shared with law enforcement in ‘clear and narrowly circumscribed’ situations
BY Anita Balakrishnan 03 Jun 2020

LSO should pay $46K to lawyer, tribunal says

More than half of the costs of proceedings were based on unfounded allegations, the hearing division found
BY Anita Balakrishnan 03 Jun 2020

Tribunal finds that spilling tea while stopped at a red light is not an automobile accident

The use or operation of the vehicle should be the direct cause of the injuries
BY Bernise Carolino 03 Jun 2020

Workplace safety tribunal shares best practices for teleconference hearings

New documents introduced during the hearing will be addressed via a post-hearing memorandum
BY Bernise Carolino 03 Jun 2020

Law foundation approves grants for investor rights projects of UToronto Law, Osgoode and others

The foundation has invested over $300,000 for these initiatives
BY Bernise Carolino 03 Jun 2020

Ontario Bar Association hosts free online information sessions on elder law for Seniors’ Month

Sessions will discuss rights and responsibilities of seniors and caregivers
BY Bernise Carolino 03 Jun 2020

Memorial fund set up for young lawyer Justin Basinger

The winner of the Justin Basinger Memorial Award will be chosen based on the best submission for the Indigenous Law Journal.
BY Anita Balakrishnan 03 Jun 2020

List of resources for lawyers on how to be an ally to racialized colleagues

Diversity and inclusion trainings from the Ontario Bar Association, Law Society of Ontario and more
BY Anita Balakrishnan 01 Jun 2020


Interpretation of consultation required by statute was not unreasonable

Public Law – Public authorities – Ministries and departments

Section 35 rights are neither real rights nor personal rights

Criminal Law – Aboriginal and Indigenous Law – Constitutional issues – Constitution Act, 1982


Canadian Association of Black Lawyers to host mental health webinar

The June 9 webinar is free and hosted by a psychiatrist

More funding needed for legal aid amidst pandemic, letters say

Interest rate cuts, end of federal funds compound pressure on legal aid providers

Qase, Vexxit offer new business development websites for lawyers

Could online marketplaces — think the Ubers, eBays or Tinders of legal services — see a revival?

Ontario personal injury lawyer Darcy Merkur explains impact of COVID-19 on practice

Merkur predicts the collapse of mass marketing firms and early retirements

Consent needed for remote or socially-distanced in-person trial, says CLA

Criminal lawyers say the path forward should be up to the individual client and lawyer

Black Business Law Clinic revived to help business owners

The Ontario Bar Association said it is bringing back the free legal services from Black lawyers


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