Law professor Ardi Imseis joins UN commission investigating Yemen civil war human rights violations

Before joining Queen’s Law, Imseis worked for the UN for 12 years
BY Bernise Carolino 23 Jan 2020

Outsized award against insurer should incentivize fairness in LAT, says lawyer

Adjudicator called insurer’s conduct ‘imprudent, inflexible and immoderate’
BY Anita Balakrishnan 22 Jan 2020

Canada is among the first to countries to release guidelines for combining mediation and arbitration

The parties first try to work it out using mediation, and then move directly to an arbitration process if they are unable to come to a resolution
BY Anita Balakrishnan 22 Jan 2020

Environmental lawyers seek amendments to Clean Water Act

The lack of reforms poses threats to Indigenous communities and users of private wells, says CELA
BY Bernise Carolino 22 Jan 2020

Nearly 46% of readers support more progressive LSO fee structure

Law Times' reader poll shows divide between lawyers who like 2020’s lower fees and those who want a more progressive fee scheme
BY Anita Balakrishnan 22 Jan 2020

Lenczner Slaght expands its referral network for female lawyers to corporate practice areas

Lenczner Slaght partners with McCarthy Tétrault to develop corporate referral lists
BY Bernise Carolino 22 Jan 2020

13 in every 100,000 travellers passing the border had digital devices examined, CBSA says

A recent OPC investigation found multiple breaches of the Customs Act, as well as CBSA’s own internal policy
BY Bernise Carolino 22 Jan 2020

Lawyer in Brampton wrongful death case slams government for court delays

“First the medical system let us down, now it’s the courts,” said the father of the deceased
BY Bernise Carolino 22 Jan 2020


Taxpayer was not cavalier about his income tax obligations

Income Tax – Administration and enforcement


Clayton Ruby: Independent commission must fix Canada’s ‘humiliating’ record of wrongful conviction

Trudeau called for Criminal Case Review Commission to review potentially wrongful convictions

After CUSMA breakthrough, international trade experts vie for panel spots

Canada’s other trade agreements have prepared a long list of experts well-suited to the improved CUSMA panels

John Brown of McCarthy Tétrault joins Class Proceedings Fund committee

Brown is the firm’s legal and strategic advisor for Indigenous initiatives

OTLA seeking new leadership, flexibility and resourcefulness a must

Applications from a diverse workforce are encouraged

CLEO launches online tool to help troubled tenants fill out housing matter legal forms

Tools help those without legal training or representation to fill out forms on their own

Lawyer Kelly Burke is appointed Ontario’s French language services commissioner

Burke served as assistant deputy minister in the Ministry of Francophone Affairs from 2014 to 2019


The Law Society of Ontario this year lowered regular lawyer fees to $2,066, down from $2,201 in 2019. What do you think of the move?