Appeal court frees catastrophically injured from ‘absurd,’ ‘Kafkaesque’ rule

Hard limitation periods put seriously injured people in ‘impossible’ positions with insurance claims, says CoA
BY Anita Balakrishnan 09 Dec 2019

Judiciary’s comments on women come to fore

Debate over judge’s feminism comes amid series of high-profile missteps on sexual assault and domestic violence
BY Anita Balakrishnan 09 Dec 2019

Video game addiction merits mention by Consent and Capacity Board

FOCUS ON HUMAN RIGHTS - Addiction being raised more frequently in cases of youths, says lawyer
BY Anita Balakrishnan 09 Dec 2019

Free online programs launched by Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone

LIZ will be offering two new interactive online programs free of charge: Concept Framework and Sprint Studio
BY Bernise Carolino 09 Dec 2019

Julia Shin Doi joins the LAWPRO board of directors

She currently serves as general counsel and secretary of the Ryerson University board of governors
BY Bernise Carolino 09 Dec 2019

DLA Piper seals deal between fibre optic network company and digital infrastructure investment firm

Following the acquisition, Beanfield Technologies plans to expand its services to the U.S.
BY Bernise Carolino 09 Dec 2019

Federal Crowns to get payout from Phoenix pay system

Association of Justice Counsel signs onto agreement
BY Bernise Carolino 06 Dec 2019

‘Polite’ Canadian idiom in lawyers’ emails adds confusion to jury notice snafu

Judge quotes Shakespeare on the nuance of language
BY Anita Balakrishnan 04 Dec 2019


Rebuttal of presumption of life retroactively extinguished entitlement to pension payments

Restitution and Unjust Enrichment - Restitution and unjust enrichment - Miscellaneous

Stay didn’t contemplate application for leave to appeal

Tax - Income tax - Administration and enforcement

Relevant facts could not be identified due to parties’ arguable position

Tax - Goods and Services Tax - Administration and enforcement


‘Protect refugees and vulnerable populations,’ Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers urges Trudeau

CARL’s letter proposes specific statutory amendments to immigration and refugee law

U of T Law introduces the Black Future Lawyers Program

The program will offer aspiring Black law students mentoring and job shadowing

Halton courthouse to begin construction at the end of next year

The courthouse will enable video conferencing for remote witnesses and prisoners

Beware the end of the ‘sellers market’ in legal services, says panel

Some firms are proactively moving away from the billable hour — before a recession forces their hand

When lawyers make mistakes, new rules consider rallying cries on mental health, sexual harassment

Legal regulator ‘modernizes’ discipline process

Law Foundation devotes over $700K in research on data collection and access to justice

The biggest grant of $100K goes to the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres


A recent poll found that 79 per cent of consumers expect responses from lawyers within 24 hours. Does your firm have a policy about responding to emails and voicemails within a certain time frame?