Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey has been a journalist for more than 40 years, writing about a diverse range of issues including legal and political affairs.

He can be reached by email.

Potential PR points for protecting puppies

Who doesn’t love puppies? Or a basketful of kitties? Awwww.

Buck a beer could end up as buck a sip

Suds. Brewskis. Barley sandwich. Nectar of the Gods. The concept of a Buck a Beer on these last sweltering days of summer is a siren’s call to many voters.

Ford schools critics on legislative process

There was a moment in the Ontario general election when they mocked Doug Ford because he refused to detail how a bill becomes law.

Not all condo residents treated equally

The Toronto skyline is a long way from the suburban utopia of manicured lawns and white picket fences. While Toronto once spread out, it’s now also rising up, and since almost no one is building new apartment rental units, the demand for rentals has been supplied by condo buyers, many of whom are absent offshore investors.

Inside Queen's Park: Dreams of digital justice process still elusive

The process of justice of justice never sleeps. Oh, it may doze off now and then or get ensnarled in the weight of its own petard, but it surely keeps grinding along. There isn’t a single stakeholder in the Ontario justice system, however, who doesn’t recognize there are serious issues.

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