Ontario court refuses to appoint disbarred lawyer as estate trustee

Ex-lawyer found guilty for participating or knowingly assisting in dishonest, fraudulent conduct
BY Bernise Carolino 06 Dec 2023

Doctors are expected to ensure patient understands what examination entails: review board

Woman alleges medical professional inappropriately touched her breast at exam
BY Bernise Carolino 06 Dec 2023

Convocation adds CPD requirement to certified specialist program, will expand program to paralegals

LSO competence task force recommended axing the program in 2021
BY Aidan Macnab 30 Nov 2023

Man loses almost entire inheritance in costs for 'reprehensible,' 'scorched earth' litigation

Ruling awarding substantial indemnity costs elaborates on 'minimum evidentiary' standard: lawyer
BY Aidan Macnab 29 Nov 2023

Ontario Court of Appeal allows Trial Lawyers Association to intervene in medical malpractice case

The intervention would not cause prejudice to the parties: court
BY Angelica Dino 29 Nov 2023

Ontario Court of Appeal denies extension to perfect appeal in a motor vehicle collision case

The court applied the well-known criteria for an extension of time to perfect an appeal
BY Angelica Dino 29 Nov 2023

Court denies former bencher's request for civil trial data that would show extent of court delays

Open court principle does not require court to aggregate, sort, and categorize bulk data, said court
BY Aidan Macnab 27 Nov 2023

Ontario Court of Appeal allows wife to collect from husband's debtors through garnishment

The husband has avoided paying his wife under court orders for more than a decade
BY Angelica Dino 27 Nov 2023


Ontario government overhauling labour and employment laws, including for legal profession

Looking to change how regulated professions assess candidates

Court reduces sentence because Crown admitted disputed facts in guilty plea while accused absconded

Appeal court highlights importance of counsel clarifying facts before entering plea

Ontario Superior Court of Justice approves class action settlement over LifeLabs data breach

The parties have agreed to settle for $4.9 million

Court rejects privilege argument, orders law firm to produce full, unredacted adverse cost policy

Adverse cost policies becoming more common, partly due to growth of litigation funding

Common creditor proofing method can be fraudulent conveyance: commercial litigator Allison Speigel

Appeal court case from earlier this year should put debate to bed, she says

Ontario Superior Court refuses to invalidate marriage contract due to a party's failure to read it

He could understand contracts and had ample time to review the agreement