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September, 2018
  • Ruling could affect thousands of wills

    A judge with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided the validity of two nearly identical wills this month, finding that one of the wills was invalid because in leaving the assets to the discretion of the trustees it failed to “describe with certainty” any property that is subject to the will.
  • Decision confronts challenges in valuing Bitcoin

    A startup co-founder must post security for costs in cash of $50,000 to the court after an Ontario judge said there was “too much uncertainty” around the value of his company’s shares, including assets denominated in Bitcoin.
  • Police criticized over detention of drug suspects

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has rebuked a Toronto-area police force over its standard practice of detaining drug suspects for several hours before permitting them to contact a lawyer.


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    How to address mental illness and lawyers

    In a pair of recent decisions — Law Society of Ontario v. Burtt, 2018 ONLSTH 63 and Law Society of Ontario v. Yantha, 2018 ONLSTH 94 — the Law Society Tribunal grappled with what accommodation for mental illness is required in terms of discipline imposed by the Law Society of Ontario.
  • Gabrielle Giroday

    Editorial Obiter

    Chaos theory

    In the recent legal drama around Ontario’s move to chop the size of Toronto’s city council, it was common to hear some members of the public decry that something was terribly wrong with the judicial system as well as with our democratic institutions.

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