Philip Girard

Philip Girard

Philip Girard is a legal historian and professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. He’s also associate editor at the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History.

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Mass murder and capital punishment

Recent mass shootings in the United States have tended to confirm Canadians’ sense that such events can’t happen here. Similar events in Canada are not numerous, but those that have occurred are not well known.

A portrait of an SCC tigress

Few readers likely need an introduction to Claire L’Heureux-Dubé or Constance Backhouse.

Fluid border isn’t new

The sleepy town of Emerson, Man. has been much in the news recently as the entry point to Canada for refugees fleeing Donald Trump’s America. But this is not the first time Emerson’s role as a border town has thrust it into the limelight.

That's history: The roots of common law in Canada

This third column on the roots of Canada’s legal traditions is devoted to the common law, following others on indigenous law and civil law.

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