Doron Gold

Doron Gold

Doron Gold is a registered social worker who is also a former practising lawyer. He works with lawyers and law students in his role as a staff clinician and presenter with the Member Assistance Program as well as with members of the general public in his private psychotherapy practice. He’s available at

Well-being pledge an important step forward

What’s a well-being pledge for legal employers? Many of you know that, in 2016, the Law Society of Ontario’s Mental Health Working Group, after extensive and rigourous information gathering, came out with its important report, The Mental Health Strategy Task Force.

Perfect not the enemy of good

It’s no easy task writing a piece on how lawyers should avoid perfectionism. It’s like writing about how a basketball player shouldn’t make such a fuss about physical fitness.

Healing is very much possible

“We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.” It’s a cliché that therapists often look to a person’s past for clues as so what makes them tick in the here and now.

Is LSO discipline catching up with the times?

I’m frequently asked how I think the legal profession in Canada is doing in being more thoughtful, compassionate and constructive around issues of mental health and addictions among its members.

May their memory be a blessing

This Lawyer Therapist column to which I’ve been honoured to contribute since 2013 isn’t about me.

Young and in law

In 1991, when I received a letter from Osgoode Hall Law School offering me a place in its first-year class, I literally jumped up and down on my bed and screamed at the top of my much younger lungs.

Choose health over your phone

All right, my friend. This is an intervention. I know you’re surprised, but things have got out of hand and we need to talk about your behaviour.

A wake-up call on sexual harassment

Many years ago, in my early days working in lawyer assistance, I received a call from a young lawyer, about two years out. She was in extreme distress, having been fired from her job at a well-respected firm.

Banish negative self-talk

You’re a total loser. What a complete failure. You should be ashamed of yourself. If I asked you whom you thought was uttering these words, you’d likely say a bully or a particularly abusive family member.

The Lawyer Therapist: The life of a family lawyer

Attack. Destroy. Emotional baggage. War. These are just a few of the descriptive words I heard uttered while attending sessions during the County of Carleton Law Association’s Annual Institute of Family Law in Montebello, Que. recently.