Supreme Court of Canada

Provincial land registration regime gave Crown complete control over publishing plans of survey

Real Property - Registration of Real Property - Registration of Land

It wasn’t plain and obvious that fraudulent concealment couldn’t delay running of limitation period

Limitation period. Plaintiff applied for certification of class proceeding under Class Proceedings Act.

Transformation of civil offences into services offences consistent with right to jury

Criminal Law - Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Right to trial by jury [s. 11(f)]

Application judge erred in adopting overly restrictive approach to s. 276 of Code

Evidence - Character - Character of complainant

Power of arrest and interim release only to be used when demonstrably in public interest to do so

Criminal Law - Bail, interim release and detention - Release by judge of Superior Court

Right to full defence not compromised by excluding sexual nature of relationship with complainant

Evidence - Character - Character of complainant