Supreme Court of Canada

ITO established grounds that search of accused’s car would reveal evidence of drugs

Criminal Law - Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Unreasonable search and seizure [s. 8]

R. v. Jordan framework afforded young persons robust protection against unreasonable delay

Criminal Law - Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Right to be tried within reasonable time [s. 11(b)]

Near miss before collision should have caused accused to modify his driving

Criminal Law - Offences against the person and reputation - Dangerous driving causing death

It was not possible to annul juridical act that never came into existence

Restitution and Unjust Enrichment - General principles - Miscellaneous

Claim for compensatory damages remained purely hypothetical

Civil Practice and Procedure - Class and representative proceedings - Representative or class proceedings under class proceedings legislation

Reasonable police officer would not have considered failure to hold handrail to be offence

Torts - Malicious prosecution and false imprisonment - Liability of parties