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Thousands of province's civil servants in $100,000 club

|Written By Lisa Adamson

The Ontario Ministry of Finance each year releases the salaries, names, and positions of public sector employees who earn over $100,000. The most recent list was released earlier this month and covers salaries for 2008.

The Ministry of the Attorney General has the lion's share of provincial government employees earning over the $100,000 mark with nearly 1,500 of them taking home a total just under $228 million.

Ontario Court Chief Justice Annemarie Bonkalo's 2008 salary was $311,082 with $4,051 in taxable benefits. Associate Chief Justice Peter Griffiths earned $297,107 plus $3,971 in benefits. Associate Chief Justice/Co-ordinator of Justices of the Peace Justice John Payne earned $307,459 plus $3,971 in benefits.

Most provincial court judges earned $260,735 with $3,632 in taxable benefits, though regional senior justices earned a bit more. Case management masters earned $188,198 and $339 of benefits, while justices of the peace had a salary range of $104,031 with benefits of $140 to $194,979 with benefits of $193.

Law Times has compiled a list in descending order by salary of those who work in legal- related occupations, including at universities, municipalities, school boards, Crown agencies, and more. The list is complete to our knowledge, although certain individuals may be omitted due to the process used in listing some occupations in the government's list. Click here for a a pdf of the full Law Times list.

Click here to view the Finance ministry's entire salary disclosure for all of Ontario.

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