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and Law Times offer a broad range of options to help legal marketers and business developers reach their target audiences including:

Websites:,, and reach engaged online audiences searching for the latest legal news, information, legal contacts and career opportunities.

Canadian Legal Newswire is delivered every Monday to over 41,000 lawyers and in-house counsel across Canada.

National Magazines:
Award-winning Canadian Lawyer and Canadian Lawyer InHouse magazines offer advertisers targeted access to lawyers, in-house counsel and law students across the country.

Regional Newspaper:
Law Times delivers the latest legal news and updates to 12,276 Ontario-based lawyers.

Custom Services:
From custom webinars, video services and publishing, to event coordination and research & analysis, our custom services group offers full support to your marketing and business development department.

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Canadian Lawyer 2017 Editorial Calendar

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InHouse 2017 Editorial Calendar

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Law Times 2017 Editorial Calendar
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Legal Feeds Blog
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Canadian Law List
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Law Times Website
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Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers
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Canadian Lawyer City Review: Edmonton

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Law Times poll

An estate trustee who took an ‘egregious' position in litigation has been ordered to personally pay more than $140,000 in costs. Will this ruling serve as an appropriate caution to executors on how they conduct themselves in litigation?
Yes, this will remind trustees of the potential exposure of significant awards being made against them personally.
No, it’s unlikely this ruling will dissuade executors from engaging in unreasonable conduct during litigation.