Ontario Legal News Update — March 4, 2013

  • mr

    alex padovan
    I just heard if this. There will he many problems such as increase in competition (ie a new drug war between legalized dopers and criminals that dont want to let the monopoly go and police witj citizens caught in the middle). Weve spent billions on this "war on drugs" and now legalize? This is movie theatre mentality: grandiose and imaginary.

    Only dumb ass druggies think that pot isnt dangerous and not just st the smoker level. Others are affected laterally. If legalized there'll be zoning, community objections, health and confidentiality issues, policing objections (now with no more carding), and finally a sure sign our govt needs more tax revenue.

    Youll notice the govt always has slogans to 'protect the public but they get their inflated salaries from booze gambling cigarettes and now...drugs.

    We re circling the drain folks'
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