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October, 2018
  • Pot legalization could spike human rights complaints

    Lawyers could see an uptick in human rights complaints related to cannabis after the legalization of recreational use on Oct. 17, although the province of Ontario says that human rights protections for people with disabilities or addictions remain the same as before.
  • Damages of $28 million awarded against firm

    The Ontario Superior Court of Justice said Trillium Motor World Ltd. is entitled to $28,745,304 in damages against Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP and said Cassels Brock is responsible for the administration of the settlement in a class action suit.
  • Immigration lawyers say report on IRB too mild

    OTTAWA — The House of Commons immigration committee has completed a study on the Immigration and Refugee Board and the problems around the lack of an independent complaints process against board members, especially around areas such as the credibility of LGBTQ refugee claimants and sensitivity to those who have experienced trauma, whether due to gender-based violence or they are survivors of torture or other vulnerable persons.


  • Gabrielle Giroday

    Editorial Obiter

    Changing norms

    The legal use of recreational cannabis is one indicator of changing norms. One day, it is likely that the one-time criminalization of cannabis will seem antiquated.
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    Benjamin orders and estates

    Estate trustees have several obligations and duties to the beneficiaries and the deceased including the fiduciary duty to fulfil the intentions and carry out the administration of the estate of the testator, as outlined in their last will and testament.

Focus On

  • Pressure to find missing beneficiaries

    When a beneficiary of an estate is missing, it puts pressure on the executor to do what is reasonable to find them before seeking relief through the courts to ensure that the executor or estate trustee is not liable.
  • Importance of preparing will be emphasized

    When a person dies without a will, a complicated legal process can ensue, say lawyers.
  • Factor digital assets into estate planning

    Digital accounts and digital assets for communication, relationships, entertainment and media are now commonplace for many people, and some of that, including wealth, could be lost without proper estate planning, say lawyers.
  • Clarity needed in estates after divorce

    The failure to clarify spousal status following divorce and update a will can create confusion and may lead to conflict when it comes to the distribution of assets following death.

Inside Story

  • Monday, October 22, 2018

    Monday, October 22, 2018

    McCarthy Launches New Role

    Nominations Open For Bencher Elections

    Ontario Lawyer Named To Senate

    Secondary Wills Case Appealed

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  • Oct 22, 2018

    Editorial Cartoon: October 22, 2018


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