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  • Ian Harvey

    Potential PR points for protecting puppies

    May 14, 2019

    Who doesn’t love puppies? Or a basketful of kitties? Awwww.

    Ian Harvey|Inside Queen's Park
  • Kady O'Malley

    Get ready for the fall election

    May 13, 2019

    With the 42nd parliament now just weeks away from its final curtain call, even the most risk-averse political prognosticator can feel reasonably comfortable tracking trends on the pre-campaign messaging circuit.

    Kady O'Malley|The Hill
  • Ryan Handlarski

    Law is not a tournament

    Apr 29, 2019

    My favourite metaphor that I have ever heard to describe the law student experience from before law school to landing a job at a firm is from Peter Thiel, founder of eBay and one of the first investors in Facebook, famous for giving Mark Zuckerberg a cheque for US$500,000 and, according to legend, saying (in somewhat different words), “Don’t mess it up.”

    Ryan Handlarski
  • Gabrielle Giroday

    The meaning of community

    Apr 29, 2019

    It’s been a long campaign for those running in #BencherElection2019, with the end in sight. Part of the ongoing discussion (and controversy) that has emerged is around voter turnout.

    Gabrielle Giroday|Editorial Obiter
  • Doron Gold

    Well-being pledge an important step forward

    Apr 22, 2019

    What’s a well-being pledge for legal employers? Many of you know that, in 2016, the Law Society of Ontario’s Mental Health Working Group, after extensive and rigourous information gathering, came out with its important report, The Mental Health Strategy Task Force.

    Doron Gold|The Lawyer Therapist
  • Gabrielle Giroday

    Never a dull moment

    Apr 15, 2019

    This week, voting begins for the Law Society of Ontario’s bencher election.

    Gabrielle Giroday|Editorial Obiter
  • n/a

    Are we ready for smart contracts?

    Apr 15, 2019

    The development of crypto-currencies, which use blockchain technology, has given rise to some pressing legal questions. These questions may seem relevant only to those who trade in crypto-currencies.

    Chloe Snider
  • Gabrielle Giroday

    A different shift

    Apr 8, 2019

    I was at an event this week (of course, on the upcoming bencher election that Law Times has been covering thoroughly) and candidate Billeh Hamud commented that the profession runs about 30 years behind the rest of society.

    Gabrielle Giroday|Editorial Obiter
  • Elias Munshya

    Why I don’t support the statement of principles

    Apr 8, 2019

    The Law Society of Ontario has implemented a policy requiring its licensed lawyers and paralegals to create and abide by an individual statement of principles.

    Elias Munshya
  • Gabrielle Giroday

    Some things change

    Apr 1, 2019

    I think a legal topic has hit peak coverage when you find people who aren’t lawyers who have suddenly become keenly interested in it.

    Gabrielle Giroday|Editorial Obiter

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