Federal Appeal


Motions for leave to intervene in appeal dismissed

AMI and TTA brought motions for leave to intervene in appeal. Motions dismissed. Proposed interveners were not directly affected by outcome. Absence of interveners would not stop court from deciding appeal. AI’s submissions on international law issues were not sufficiently relevant and material to issue in appeal. Proposed intervener would not assist court on central issue in appeal. If intervention were permitted there would be further delay exposing applicants to more of sort of harm they allege in their motion. TTA would not offer different perspective on issues in appeal and proposed submissions would substantially duplicate those of appellants.

Prophet River First Nation v. Canada (Attorney General) (Apr. 20, 2016, F.C.A., David Stratas J.A., A-435-15) 265 A.C.W.S. (3d) 833.

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