Case law

Delay allowed more interest to be added to tax debt, which was purely choice made by taxpayer

Tax - Income Tax - Administration and enforcement

Timing of transfer showed it was related to debt and not just for estate planning purposes

Debtors and Creditors - Fraudulent Conveyances - Fraudulent intent

Insufficient evidence that respondent's efforts were responsible for increase in value of property

Restitution and Unjust Enrichment - General Principles - Requirements for unjust enrichment

Not role of court on judicial review to decide afresh claimant’s entitlement to disability pension

Pensions - Federal and Provincial Pension Plans - Federal pension plans

Status of interest payments reflected status of principal sums on which interest accrued

Construction Law – Contracts - Breach of terms of contract

No credible explanation for inordinate lapse of time between transactions and filing of rebate

Tax - Goods and Services Tax - Administration and enforcement