Ryan Handlarski

Ryan Handlarski

Ryan Handlarski is a criminal defence lawyer practicing in Toronto.  He was called to the Bar in 2009.  He can be reached at ryan@rhcriminaldefence.com or via his website at www.rhcriminaldefence.com .  Ryan also writes a blog ‘so you want to be a criminal lawyer…’ that can be accessed here: http://www.rhcriminaldefence.com/so-you-want-to-be-a-criminal-lawyer.html

Law is not a tournament

My favourite metaphor that I have ever heard to describe the law student experience from before law school to landing a job at a firm is from Peter Thiel, founder of eBay and one of the first investors in Facebook, famous for giving Mark Zuckerberg a cheque for US$500,000 and, according to legend, saying (in somewhat different words), “Don’t mess it up.”

Law is a marathon, not a sprint

Law students often hear the same piece of advice: Article at a Bay Street firm and work there for a year or two or three.