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Nearly 1,600 AG staff earn over $100,000

|Written By Lisa Adamson

Every year, the Ontario Ministry of Finance releases the names, salaries, and positions of thousands of public sector employees who earn more than $100,000.

The most recent list released earlier this month covers salaries for 2009.

By far, the Ministry of the Attorney General has the most Ontario government employees earning over $100,000. Last year, there were almost 1,600 of them.

Ontario Court Chief Justice Annemarie Bonkalo’s salary for 2007 was $276,561.33 with $4,121.95 in taxable benefits.

As for provincial court judges, the majority of them earned $245,422.45 with $3,659.35 in taxable benefits (regional senior justices earned slightly more). Case management masters typically took home $189,811.44 and $327.03 of benefits, while many justices of the peace earned $115,127.53 with taxable benefits of $190.02.

In the PDF linked below, Law Times lists, in descending order by salary, the top earners from the Ministry of the Attorney General plus a few others related to the law from other parts of government.

The rest of the Finance Ministry’s salary disclosure list can be found online at

It includes the provincial judiciary, Crown agencies, universities, municipalities, school boards, and more.

Click here for a PDF of the list.

For commentary on the sunshine list and government remuneration to its employees, see "Keep letting the sunshine in" and "Wage controls and the Ontario budget." For more lists concerning the legal profession, see "Top 20 law firms of 2010."

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