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Cancer decision a shock to lawyers

An Ontario Court judge’s recent decision to allow an aboriginal girl with cancer to withdraw from chemotherapy and pursue traditional treatment is a throwback to a “prescientific era,” says a Toronto health lawyer.
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Justice on Target continues to fall short, stats show

As the provincial government announced its Better Justice Together effort last week aimed at improving the court system and addressing access to justice, new statistics from the six-year-old Justice on Target project show it continues to fall short of its goals of making the courts more efficient.

Should defence lawyers ever agree to no-contest pleas?

Should criminal defence lawyers agree to no-contest pleas when their clients are asserting their innocence? The Court of Appeal says it’s possible, but new guidance from the Law Society Tribunal suggests otherwise.

Judge finds creative way around mandatory jail time

Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer came up with an appropriate mandatory minimum sentence in a recent child pornography case, but in a twist that has the criminal bar talking about his creative approach, he decided the defendant wouldn’t serve it in jail.
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LawPRO ordered to indemnify Heydary’s victims

A year after lawyer Javad Heydary disappeared amid client claims for $3.6 million in missing trust money, a Superior Court judge has ordered LawPRO to indemnify them.
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CBA undergoing major ‘rethink’

A comprehensive soul-searching is underway at the Canadian Bar Association as the organization attempts to find ways to become more relevant to lawyers.
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Judge’s surprising recusal prompts bid for new trial

In another bizarre twist to what litigation lawyers have called an “unprecedented” case, counsel for McKesson Canada Corp. are now relying on Tax Court of Canada Justice Patrick Boyle’s recusal from a transfer-pricing case in September as grounds for seeking a new trial.

Crown wins full hearing over merit pay denial due to poem

Can the province deny a merit increase to a Crown prosecutor for reading a rhyme during closing arguments? An Ottawa assistant Crown attorney will soon find that out as he seeks to challenge the Ministry of the Attorney General’s denial of merit pay that could leave him out of pocket by as much as $70,000.
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Real estate lawyer in hot water over missing $3.5M

The Law Society of Upper Canada believes a lawyer has left the country amid complaints from her clients about $3.5 million in missing mortgage funds she was holding in her trust account.
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Non-white lawyers feel alienated, report finds

Despite the steady increase in the number of racialized lawyers practising in Ontario, many continue to feel alienated from the dominant culture of the profession and believe they’re often not getting the same opportunities for advancement as their peers.
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A corporate lawyer’s unique pro bono side job

Hussein Hamdani is a Hamilton, Ont., corporate and real estate lawyer but he also has what one might call a unique pro bono practice.


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Law firm valuations in flux

As the profession evolves at an ever more rapid pace, experts are mulling the impact of change on the value of legal practices.
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