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Dentons buzz dizzying as firm seeks aggressive expansion

The media buzz around Dentons is dizzying and, in many ways, confusing as the firm advances aggressive expansion plans.

Controversial court security act proclaimed into law

A new provincial law intended to increase security at courthouses and other facilities gives police overly broad powers and may even be unconstitutional, according to some Ontario lawyers.

Lawyers happy as new courthouse moves forward

Work is already beginning at the site of the massive new courthouse planned for Toronto but it’s likely to be several years before it opens its doors, according to the Ministry of the Attorney General.
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Another lawyer in hot water over service to refugee claimants

Less than a month after its suspension of Viktor Hohots for failing to adequately represent refugee claimants, the Law Society Tribunal is holding a disciplinary hearing against another Greater Toronto Area lawyer on similar allegations.

B.C. ruling on jurisdiction over Google ‘disastrous’

In the most expansive decision in the common law world to date, the B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld an order requiring Google Inc., a foreign entity that’s not a named defendant in the main proceedings, to remove a company’s web sites from all of its worldwide search results.
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Clinic reform at critical point

A proposal to consolidate Toronto-area legal aid clinics into a handful of organizations appears to be dead in the water as Legal Aid Ontario has reportedly withdrawn financial support and proponents consider alternatives for reorganizing the sector.

Juror ruling prompts call to look at Criminal Code

With the Ontario Court of Appeal having ruled on jurors’ use of extrinsic information in a recent case, the president of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association says it may be necessary to amend the Criminal Code in order to get a better handle on the issue.

Ontario criticized for not implementing curative discharges

An Ontario Court of Justice judge is calling on the province to reconsider its decades-old decision not to proclaim curative discharges in force.

Zero-tolerance conundrum

The justice system has taken the idea of zero tolerance in domestic assault to such an extreme that it’s unfair to defendants and no longer works in the best interests of Ontario families, says a 40-year veteran of criminal law.
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Lawyer calls for Teranet changes to prevent fraud

An Ontario lawyer is calling on the province to do more to prevent real estate fraud by changing the regulations governing the electronic land registry system to restrict access to non-lawyers.
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Legal aid lawyers file Charter challenge against LAO

As it faces a constitutional challenge filed by staff lawyers who have been seeking to unionize, Legal Aid Ontario says it respects their right to associate and is willing to consider associations other than the union the employees want to join.
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Time for contingency fees in family law?

Ending Ontario’s ban on contingency fees in family law cases is probably not the best way to help people who are unable to afford counsel, some Ontario family lawyers say.
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