Focus On

  • Issues highlighted with long-term care

    The murders of eight residents in nursing homes in Southwestern Ontario by nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer has prompted the Ontario government to launch an inquiry into the safety and security of residents in the long-term care homes system.

  • Indian Act ‘paternalistic’ on will-making

    While most Canadians are free to dispose of property in a will, that right is circumscribed for those indigenous Canadians subject to the Indian Act who live on reserves. Lawyers say the impact of this can be problematic, but in some cases, it may actually prove more beneficial than being subject to a provincial regime.

  • Judge recognizes civil tort of harassment

    Employment lawyers say a judge’s recognition of the free-standing civil tort of harassment was the next logical step in the development of Ontario’s workplace law.

  • Worker’s compensation to cover chronic mental stress

    Employers should be thinking about how they can prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace after the provincial government expanded workers compensation law to include claims for chronic mental stress, says a Toronto lawyer.

  • Roll ahead with workplace pot policies

    Employers shouldn’t let uncertainty around the legalization of marijuana stop them from crafting workplace policies about its use, according to employment lawyers.

  • Decision focuses on probationary employees

    A Court of Appeal decision offers important lessons for both probationary employees and their employers, according to the lawyers who argued the case.

  • Wave of anti-SLAPP rulings to come

    The Ontario Court of Appeal is expected to issue rulings this fall in a half-dozen cases related to the province’s so-called anti-SLAPP legislation, which was enacted in the fall of 2015.

  • Modern technology needed in civil courts

    During his tenure on the Superior Court, the frustrations expressed in rulings by Justice David Brown about the failure to make use of modern technology in the civil courts was not noted only by the legal community in southern Ontario.

  • Legal community watching class action

    A proposed class action against a Toronto personal injury firm has been closely watched by the legal community because of the dispute over whether costs can be part of a retainer agreement in addition to amounts paid out as a result of a contingency fee.

  • SCC may look at vicarious liability again

    The Supreme Court of Canada is being asked to revisit the issue of vicarious liability when there is an intentional wrong committed by an employee against a potentially vulnerable victim.