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Focus: Lawyers advised to get coverage for privacy breaches

It’s a sign of the times that professional liability insurers have started tailoring products to address privacy breaches and other costs of cybercrime.

Focus: Municipalities grappling with location of marijuana facilities

The promise of a fledgling industry about to burst onto the Canadian scene has led many to startups lining up to cash in on green gold.
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Focus: Appeal court puts end to different rules for rural, urban drivers

The Ontario Court of Appeal has stepped in to stop the creation of subcategories of drivers in considering the duty of care owed by municipalities on their roads.

Focus: Lingering media coverage a growing issue for defence lawyers

As the debate over the right to be forgotten continues, many criminal lawyers have found themselves in the position of dealing with concerns from clients that stories about them remain on the Internet even if their legal matter goes in their favour.

Focus: New book features lawyers’ accounts of their biggest cases

Throughout his career as a lawyer, Richard Wolson has heard the slamming of jail doors on his many visits to clients in prison. But while he’s well familiar with jails, the thought of one man spending years behind bars continues to affect him.
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How can defence make social media their friend?

While Canadians typically think of electronic evidence as something that normally helps the interests of the state in law enforcement matters, it can also help people defending themselves in such cases and the lawyers representing them.

Focus: Prof concerned about lawyers’ online marketing

As the conversation around sexual assault and how the legal system deals with it continues, a law professor at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law is airing her concerns about the ethics of how many criminal defence lawyers advertise their services in that area.
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Focus: In-house counsel advised on e-discovery strategies

Having knowledge of electronic discovery issues is as indispensible for in-house counsel as it is for external lawyers.

Focus: Firms take varying approaches to Africa

There’s no doubt that Canadian law firms have a heightened interest in Africa, a continent where the fastest growth to date has been in the energy, infrastructure, mining and commodities, and agricultural sectors. These are all areas in which Canadian lawyers excel and these are the markets they’re pursuing.
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Focus: Greenwashers warned about legal risks

More than ever, it pays to be green as companies increasingly put out products that claim to be environmentally friendly in order to go after environmentally conscious consumers. But companies that engage in so-called greenwashing could be opening themselves up to lawsuits and regulatory action.

Focus: New law needed to address stress claims, lawyers argue

The provincial legislature needs to act after a tribunal declared portions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act unconstitutional for the way they restrict certain claims for mental stress, according to a Toronto employment lawyer.
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Focus: Child support guidelines become optional

In a recent case, the court upheld parties’ ability to contract out of the child support guidelines as long as the outcome is to the children’s advantage.
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