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Focus: Greenwashers warned about legal risks

More than ever, it pays to be green as companies increasingly put out products that claim to be environmentally friendly in order to go after environmentally conscious consumers. But companies that engage in so-called greenwashing could be opening themselves up to lawsuits and regulatory action.

Focus: New law needed to address stress claims, lawyers argue

The provincial legislature needs to act after a tribunal declared portions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act unconstitutional for the way they restrict certain claims for mental stress, according to a Toronto employment lawyer.
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Focus: Child support guidelines become optional

In a recent case, the court upheld parties’ ability to contract out of the child support guidelines as long as the outcome is to the children’s advantage.
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Focus: Airbnb changing condo landscape

Over the past few years, Airbnb has exploded as a web site that connects people with spare rooms to travellers looking for short-term rentals.

Focus: Lawyers worry about misuse of prior capable wishes by doctors

There’s growing frustration among patient advocates over the depth of misunderstanding in the medical system regarding the prior capable wishes of patients who now require others to make their decisions for them.
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Focus: Compliance efforts helping boost business

Nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes, which is good news for funeral directors and tax lawyers. And that certainty has meant tax boutiques are often conducting a brisk business even when other parts of the legal profession are struggling.

Focus: How to avoid settler’s remorse

While accident victims may sometimes have second thoughts after negotiating a settlement, the courts have demanded that there better be a good reason to set it aside once the parties have signed the deal.

Focus: Lessons from Ford defamation case

The mayor of Toronto has long been making news in the courts with more recent cases involving the failure of an appeal against a decision that found Rob Ford not liable for defamation.

Focus: 3-D printing an emerging issue for IP lawyers

For a long time, 3-D printing seemed like the stuff of science fiction. But the technology has progressed so far that anyone in Toronto with a library card can now rent one out.

Focus: Strategic mergers back in the spotlight

Competition lawyers are not surprisingly welcoming the return of the strategic merger, as evidenced by such combinations as the $12.4-billion Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart deal, the $12-billion Burger King and Tim Hortons merger, the $5.8-billion arrangement between Sobeys and Safeway, and the host of tax-inversion transactions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Focus: Transgender ruling includes surprising twist

A recent human rights decision has gained some attention, not only for awarding three transgender people damages but also because the tribunal found the discrimination had harmed a business owner even though she didn’t identify with that category.
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Focus: Privacy class actions on the rise

With the certification of Evans v. The Bank of Nova Scotia, the newly introduced tort of intrusion upon seclusion has become another weapon in the arsenal for the class action plaintiffs’ bar.
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